Blood Down the Gullet

Tribute Album III: When Life Gives You Sewers, Then Take a Shit

1. I Killed Twelve Ghosts and All I Got Was This Lousy Nothing
2. Ghosts in the Mist (Like Gorillas, but Ghosts)
3. I’m Really Good at Being On Fire
4. Ghosts? I Eat Ghosts for Breakfast (Because I Have No Real Food)
5. Fighting with the Ghosts of the Ghosts
6. Wacky Wild Inflatable Ghost Figures
7. Acro-Bat-Ics
8. Death Awaits Us All: Cya There
9. The Logical Conclusion: Mass Immolation
10. We’re All Mist Targets
11. Only the Good Fry Young
12. This Ain’t My First Immolation, You Know
13. Ohno, the Pain is Still There
14. One Man’s Deathwish is Another Man’s Shopping List
15. You Basically Got An Explosion for Free
16. The Work of the Lord Comes with Overhead
17. I’m Not Actively Trying to Kill These Children
18. You Look Really Excited For Those Naked Elves?
19. Please Use Me to Bash Things
20. Overcharged Regrets
21. Fabulous and Unfazed [The Fuck Fancy Fae Extended Remix]

Tribute Album II: "Victim" Is Such a Harsh Word

1. "The Scenic Tours of Gutter Whore Alley: a.k.a. ‘Muggings’ "
2. “A God Not Particularly About the Afterlife”
3. “I’m Here to Speak to Mister Maintenance”
4. “This Isn’t Our Pipe Organ”
5. “Look, I Don’t Count the Fat Ones”
6. “Mundane Prodding, With a Box of Swirling Lights”
7. “Home: Kind of Shady, Smells Like Urine”
8. “Rusty Cleaver, Rusty Cleaver, Signed Confession, Signed Confession”
9. “The THIRD Torture Dungeon Today”
10. “Mysterious Things That You Should Never Sing”
11. “We Have Shredded a Fancy Fae Poster!”
12. “Don’t Ever Take the Obvious Exit”
13. “This is Exactly What the Buddy System is For”
14. " One out of Three: It’s Too Damn Early for This"
15. “Narratively Convenient Bioluminescent Fungi”
16. "Let’s Sing ‘Lizard Lullaby’ "
17. “You, Ooze, You Lose”

Tribute Album I: Baptism in Blood (Down the Gullet)

1 – Prelude: “They Just Flew Away on Their Mystical Dragon”
2 – “It’s Not As ‘Friendly’ As It Sounds”
3 – “We Need a Band Name”
4 – “Give me food or I’m Eating YOU!”
5 – “You Just Want to Be Included (In Melee)”
6 – "10 of the 9 Words are ‘Death’ "
7 – “Stare Down the Bushes or the Latrine? … That’s the Road”
8 – “Fuuuuuu – dge!”
9 – “Consider This [Murder] An Indulgence for Your Sins”
10 – “No Butterflies In Evidence… Yet”
11 – “Too Many Sounds – One Word”
12 – “You Feel Pleasantly Queasy”
13 – “A Stack Made of Shits”
14 – “You Know What I Always Say: One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s _________ … Dinner”
15 – “Here’s 8 Gold Pieces – What is One Human Life Worth?”
16 – “Baptism in Blood (Down the Gullet)”
17 – “No, It is Not A Feeling”
18 – “It’s a Dark Mist – Everybody Knows It”
19 – “Pleske Bar Regrets”
20 – “If They’re Dead, They Can’t Boo”
21 – “Bless You Father, For You Are About to Sin”
22 – “The Effect is Already There, You Are Just … Farting Into It?”
23 – “Three Casualties, Personal Best”
24 – “Thank-you Pleske. Remember Us!” (Spoken Word Only)

Special, Limited Edition Release: Songs You Never Knew You Loved (Because You Didn't)

Packaged with a very special message from Nathaniel Explosion himself:

On this, the five year anniversary of Blood Down the Gullet’s not-very-mysterious disappearance during their Tour of No Return, we the studio would like to cash in by releasing some until-now unreleased works! Titles include:

1. I Saw the (Elder) Sign
2. If You Didn’t Want to be Called an Axe Murderer, You Shouldn’t Have Murdered All Those People With an Axe
3. The Neverending Story (Seriously, Sit Down, This Will Take a While)
4. Wow, This is Actually Pretty Dangerous
5. That Wasn’t Your Fault
6. Well, Actually, It Completely Was
7. He Who Must Not Be Named (Either That or We Forgot His Name)
8. Putting the “Arson” in “Arsenic”
9. They Wouldn’t Call Them ‘Temps’ If They Weren’t Expendable.
10. It Takes a Child to Raze a Village

Album 7: FREE CHARITY DRIVE: Dark Gawd Aide '42

1. A Special Message from Nathaniel Explosion (Explicit Version)
2. Jesus Christ [Missus Trevor], Get Back in the Bugbear Suit
3. Hellponies. They are Real. I Have Seen Them.
4. Maybe if He Had Led with the Blood Explosion…
5. There’s Nothing More Natural than the Love Between a Corpse and a Railroad Tie
6. Jeff Demands Blood! (Ode to My Personal Pantheon)
7. Oh, Axe, Our Love Can Never Be (Splits Up Families)
8. I Don’t Remember Being Dead Being Like This
9. We’ve Been Here a While (Hope We Aren’t Paying By the Hour)
10. Excuse me, Sir, May I Borrow Your Face?
11. Check to See if Tastes Like Missus Trevor’s Blood (No, It Does Not)
12. Gonna Build Me a Penguin Outta All These Guts
13. Oh, Shit! I AM the Poet!
14. This is Justice: A Dish Best Served COOOLLLLLLDDDDD!!!!
15. This Our Concept Album: The Concept is the Dragon Not Eating Us
16. We Finally Found a Gullet Worthy of All Our Blood

Album 6: "Love is a Battlefield... and This Means War"
  1. (Prelude) The First Two Rows May Get Dead
  2. I Lost ‘The Dynamite Game’
  3. I Wasn’t Cuddling with the Mule, It Was Cuddling With Me
  4. Sex Grills, Braziers, Flying Buttresses
  5. I’m a Sex Enchanter
  6. You Can’t Have a Chain Gang Without the Chains
  7. It’s Not Like We Are In Immediate Danger (The Immediate Danger Song)
  8. Do You Have a Hungering for Human Flesh? Because I Know a Place
  9. Penguin Feeding and Disrobing Time
  10. Can You Really Steal From a Dead Man? (Robbing the Exterminator)
  11. Mangy Marionette Minor
  12. Cry Havoc, Let Loose the Penguin of War
  13. Bladeling Crowd Surf (Flee the Penguin Remix)
  14. Penguin Vomit Benediction
  15. Administer the First Aide (Condemnation)
  16. This Place Sucks, You Suck, I Hate You All; Slutty Buildings, Ugly Women – I’d Still Do Them
  17. It’s Only Over When the Fat Lady… DIES!
Album 5: "Somebody Could Get Hurt"
  1. Actually, I’m Singing Right Now
  2. Desecrated Holy Cymbal
  3. Oww, That Was My Favorite Me
  4. Most Fans Die, Only Some Fans Truly Live (But Still Most Die)
  5. Two Paths Diverged in a Forest and I Burned the Forest Down
  6. Look Who Just Fell Off the Wagon
  7. Blinded by the Light – Also the Knife in His Face
  8. Behold the Beauty of Nature ([Taking a] Crap on Top of the Mountain)
  9. We Stole A Child (My Epiphany)
  10. I’ve Never Had Someone Ask That Before and Not Dodge Fast Enough (How My Penis Got Branded)
  11. Be the Dead, Slay the Living
  12. Benediction to Magmar (Incinerating an Armless Dwarf)
  13. Don’t Stop Believing… That We Will Kill You
  14. The Dwarven National Anthem (Bloodening Remix)
Album 4: "We Put the Brute in Brutality: Mostly Live at Vaterstad"
  1. Live a Little and Then Die in a Fire
  2. Tried to Build You a Wife
  3. You Have to Take Money to Make Money
  4. Little Girl, Get Out of My Line (Seriously, Get Out of Here (Get Back in Line))
  5. Sleep When You’re Dead, That’s What I Do
  6. The Evil That Has Been Foretold (See Our Tour Flyer)
  7. Knife is a Hell of a Drug
  8. This is a Great Axe of Feces, Keep Up
  9. Strategically Placed Holes?
  10. Shout of the Unicorn… A Deadly Unicorn!
  11. Demonic Fortissimo
  12. The Man with the Poison Tongue
  13. Glued to a Crate of Explosives (Featuring this year’s winners of the ‘Blood Down the Gullet Look Alike Contest’)
  14. You Cannot Destroy Us, For We Are Destruction.
Album 3: "Destitute Child of Gutter Whore Alley"
  1. Introduction (When I Was a Young Undead Boy)
  2. Blood Drive: You Bring the Blood, We’ve Got the Gullets
  3. It’s Irony: Specifically the Iron in the Robot
  4. We’re Gonna Paint This Wagon… With Blood
  5. Traveling Through the Dank Underdark
  6. Oh, Missus Trevor, You Have Lived
  7. I Thought He Looked Good in the Bugbear Suit (Christ, Enough About Your Family)
  8. I Curse You Into a State Worse Than the State that You are Currently In, Which is Already Pretty Damn Bad
  9. Hold Off On the Bloodening, We’ve Got Too Many Gullets
  10. Miner’s Cross My Heart and Hope to Die
  11. Is This Burning An Infernal Flame? (Partially Live Version)
  12. The Entire Pantheon to Which Fancy Fae Must Be Sacrificed
  13. To Those Who Died at Miner’s Junction Crossing (We Hardly Knew Ye… Seriously, Who Were Those Guys?)
Album 2: "Let He Who Is With Sin Cast the First Stone"
  1. Did We Write a Song About It?
  2. (We’d Have to) Prop Up Their Corpses
  3. Buuuuuuuuuuurp! Metal
  4. It’s Okay, He Was an Organ Donor
  5. It’s the Color of Blood (My New Outfit)
  6. Everything Etc. Will Be Dead
  7. When Pigs Die
  8. Bladeling Crowd Surf (Extended Live Version)
  9. All the Evils and the Ways in Which They Will Devour Us
  10. I Would Do Anything for Love, But Probably Not You
  11. Fuck Fancy Fae
  12. Intervening Bloods
  13. If I Knew Your God, and I Don’t, I Agree That He Would Want You to Kill That Guy
  14. Fuck Fancy Fae (Reprise)

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