Blood Down the Gullet

Album 4: "We Put the Brute in Brutality: Mostly Live at Vaterstad"

  1. Live a Little and Then Die in a Fire
  2. Tried to Build You a Wife
  3. You Have to Take Money to Make Money
  4. Little Girl, Get Out of My Line (Seriously, Get Out of Here (Get Back in Line))
  5. Sleep When You’re Dead, That’s What I Do
  6. The Evil That Has Been Foretold (See Our Tour Flyer)
  7. Knife is a Hell of a Drug
  8. This is a Great Axe of Feces, Keep Up
  9. Strategically Placed Holes?
  10. Shout of the Unicorn… A Deadly Unicorn!
  11. Demonic Fortissimo
  12. The Man with the Poison Tongue
  13. Glued to a Crate of Explosives (Featuring this year’s winners of the ‘Blood Down the Gullet Look Alike Contest’)
  14. You Cannot Destroy Us, For We Are Destruction.


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