Blood Down the Gullet

Tribute Album III: When Life Gives You Sewers, Then Take a Shit

1. I Killed Twelve Ghosts and All I Got Was This Lousy Nothing
2. Ghosts in the Mist (Like Gorillas, but Ghosts)
3. I’m Really Good at Being On Fire
4. Ghosts? I Eat Ghosts for Breakfast (Because I Have No Real Food)
5. Fighting with the Ghosts of the Ghosts
6. Wacky Wild Inflatable Ghost Figures
7. Acro-Bat-Ics
8. Death Awaits Us All: Cya There
9. The Logical Conclusion: Mass Immolation
10. We’re All Mist Targets
11. Only the Good Fry Young
12. This Ain’t My First Immolation, You Know
13. Ohno, the Pain is Still There
14. One Man’s Deathwish is Another Man’s Shopping List
15. You Basically Got An Explosion for Free
16. The Work of the Lord Comes with Overhead
17. I’m Not Actively Trying to Kill These Children
18. You Look Really Excited For Those Naked Elves?
19. Please Use Me to Bash Things
20. Overcharged Regrets
21. Fabulous and Unfazed [The Fuck Fancy Fae Extended Remix]


smashwilson smashwilson

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