Blood Down the Gullet

Album 6: "Love is a Battlefield... and This Means War"
  1. (Prelude) The First Two Rows May Get Dead
  2. I Lost ‘The Dynamite Game’
  3. I Wasn’t Cuddling with the Mule, It Was Cuddling With Me
  4. Sex Grills, Braziers, Flying Buttresses
  5. I’m a Sex Enchanter
  6. You Can’t Have a Chain Gang Without the Chains
  7. It’s Not Like We Are In Immediate Danger (The Immediate Danger Song)
  8. Do You Have a Hungering for Human Flesh? Because I Know a Place
  9. Penguin Feeding and Disrobing Time
  10. Can You Really Steal From a Dead Man? (Robbing the Exterminator)
  11. Mangy Marionette Minor
  12. Cry Havoc, Let Loose the Penguin of War
  13. Bladeling Crowd Surf (Flee the Penguin Remix)
  14. Penguin Vomit Benediction
  15. Administer the First Aide (Condemnation)
  16. This Place Sucks, You Suck, I Hate You All; Slutty Buildings, Ugly Women – I’d Still Do Them
  17. It’s Only Over When the Fat Lady… DIES!
Album 5: "Somebody Could Get Hurt"
  1. Actually, I’m Singing Right Now
  2. Desecrated Holy Cymbal
  3. Oww, That Was My Favorite Me
  4. Most Fans Die, Only Some Fans Truly Live (But Still Most Die)
  5. Two Paths Diverged in a Forest and I Burned the Forest Down
  6. Look Who Just Fell Off the Wagon
  7. Blinded by the Light – Also the Knife in His Face
  8. Behold the Beauty of Nature ([Taking a] Crap on Top of the Mountain)
  9. We Stole A Child (My Epiphany)
  10. I’ve Never Had Someone Ask That Before and Not Dodge Fast Enough (How My Penis Got Branded)
  11. Be the Dead, Slay the Living
  12. Benediction to Magmar (Incinerating an Armless Dwarf)
  13. Don’t Stop Believing… That We Will Kill You
  14. The Dwarven National Anthem (Bloodening Remix)
Album 4: "We Put the Brute in Brutality: Mostly Live at Vaterstad"
  1. Live a Little and Then Die in a Fire
  2. Tried to Build You a Wife
  3. You Have to Take Money to Make Money
  4. Little Girl, Get Out of My Line (Seriously, Get Out of Here (Get Back in Line))
  5. Sleep When You’re Dead, That’s What I Do
  6. The Evil That Has Been Foretold (See Our Tour Flyer)
  7. Knife is a Hell of a Drug
  8. This is a Great Axe of Feces, Keep Up
  9. Strategically Placed Holes?
  10. Shout of the Unicorn… A Deadly Unicorn!
  11. Demonic Fortissimo
  12. The Man with the Poison Tongue
  13. Glued to a Crate of Explosives (Featuring this year’s winners of the ‘Blood Down the Gullet Look Alike Contest’)
  14. You Cannot Destroy Us, For We Are Destruction.
Album 3: "Destitute Child of Gutter Whore Alley"
  1. Introduction (When I Was a Young Undead Boy)
  2. Blood Drive: You Bring the Blood, We’ve Got the Gullets
  3. It’s Irony: Specifically the Iron in the Robot
  4. We’re Gonna Paint This Wagon… With Blood
  5. Traveling Through the Dank Underdark
  6. Oh, Missus Trevor, You Have Lived
  7. I Thought He Looked Good in the Bugbear Suit (Christ, Enough About Your Family)
  8. I Curse You Into a State Worse Than the State that You are Currently In, Which is Already Pretty Damn Bad
  9. Hold Off On the Bloodening, We’ve Got Too Many Gullets
  10. Miner’s Cross My Heart and Hope to Die
  11. Is This Burning An Infernal Flame? (Partially Live Version)
  12. The Entire Pantheon to Which Fancy Fae Must Be Sacrificed
  13. To Those Who Died at Miner’s Junction Crossing (We Hardly Knew Ye… Seriously, Who Were Those Guys?)
Album 2: "Let He Who Is With Sin Cast the First Stone"
  1. Did We Write a Song About It?
  2. (We’d Have to) Prop Up Their Corpses
  3. Buuuuuuuuuuurp! Metal
  4. It’s Okay, He Was an Organ Donor
  5. It’s the Color of Blood (My New Outfit)
  6. Everything Etc. Will Be Dead
  7. When Pigs Die
  8. Bladeling Crowd Surf (Extended Live Version)
  9. All the Evils and the Ways in Which They Will Devour Us
  10. I Would Do Anything for Love, But Probably Not You
  11. Fuck Fancy Fae
  12. Intervening Bloods
  13. If I Knew Your God, and I Don’t, I Agree That He Would Want You to Kill That Guy
  14. Fuck Fancy Fae (Reprise)
Album I: "Love Songs"
  1. Love Song #2: Malefane’s Melody (Part 1)
  2. That Was Us That Did That to Your Cats
  3. Poor Muffintop
  4. They Dug Too Deep
  5. Friends Help You Move, Real Friends Help You Move Bodies
  6. Love Song #2: Malefane’s Melody (Part 2)
  7. Hell is For Children (And You Are the Children)
  8. Play This Song Backwards
  9. Damn the Man – Literally
  10. Dead War Poodle
  11. Airborne Severed Arm (The Guard Song)
  12. Eyeballs Against the Tree
  13. Trevor: He Died for His Sins and Coffee

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