Blood. Gullets. Everywhere.

“Blood Down the Gullet” is a heavy metal campaign in the spirit of the Adult Swim show Metalocalypse: full of face-melting guitar solos, bladeling crowd surfing, homicidal penguins, general buffoonery, overly elaborate and lethal stage pranks, and ambiguously effeminate elves. This is a catalog of the exploits of the titular band through the Frozen North, a dismal and geographically improbable land, on a tour sponsored by the gnomish mafia.

Dramatis Personae

  • Mrs. Trevor: a peasant woman bought to serve as a slave roadie from the filthy streets of Fjordnbjorn. She sports a colorful past and a curiously metagame perspective. (No relation to Trevor.)
  • Little Mrs. Trevor: a young girl enduring a disturbed childhood. Abducted in plain daylight from an innocent family at Miner’s Junction Crossing. (No relation to either Mrs. Trevor or Trevor.)
  • Enchantment: an idiot savant from the dwarven stronghold of Joyhollows.

Blood Down the Gullet