Blood Down the Gullet

Album 5: "Somebody Could Get Hurt"

  1. Actually, I’m Singing Right Now
  2. Desecrated Holy Cymbal
  3. Oww, That Was My Favorite Me
  4. Most Fans Die, Only Some Fans Truly Live (But Still Most Die)
  5. Two Paths Diverged in a Forest and I Burned the Forest Down
  6. Look Who Just Fell Off the Wagon
  7. Blinded by the Light – Also the Knife in His Face
  8. Behold the Beauty of Nature ([Taking a] Crap on Top of the Mountain)
  9. We Stole A Child (My Epiphany)
  10. I’ve Never Had Someone Ask That Before and Not Dodge Fast Enough (How My Penis Got Branded)
  11. Be the Dead, Slay the Living
  12. Benediction to Magmar (Incinerating an Armless Dwarf)
  13. Don’t Stop Believing… That We Will Kill You
  14. The Dwarven National Anthem (Bloodening Remix)


smashwilson smashwilson

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