Blood Down the Gullet

Album 6: "Love is a Battlefield... and This Means War"

  1. (Prelude) The First Two Rows May Get Dead
  2. I Lost ‘The Dynamite Game’
  3. I Wasn’t Cuddling with the Mule, It Was Cuddling With Me
  4. Sex Grills, Braziers, Flying Buttresses
  5. I’m a Sex Enchanter
  6. You Can’t Have a Chain Gang Without the Chains
  7. It’s Not Like We Are In Immediate Danger (The Immediate Danger Song)
  8. Do You Have a Hungering for Human Flesh? Because I Know a Place
  9. Penguin Feeding and Disrobing Time
  10. Can You Really Steal From a Dead Man? (Robbing the Exterminator)
  11. Mangy Marionette Minor
  12. Cry Havoc, Let Loose the Penguin of War
  13. Bladeling Crowd Surf (Flee the Penguin Remix)
  14. Penguin Vomit Benediction
  15. Administer the First Aide (Condemnation)
  16. This Place Sucks, You Suck, I Hate You All; Slutty Buildings, Ugly Women – I’d Still Do Them
  17. It’s Only Over When the Fat Lady… DIES!


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