Blood Down the Gullet

Album 7: FREE CHARITY DRIVE: Dark Gawd Aide '42

1. A Special Message from Nathaniel Explosion (Explicit Version)
2. Jesus Christ [Missus Trevor], Get Back in the Bugbear Suit
3. Hellponies. They are Real. I Have Seen Them.
4. Maybe if He Had Led with the Blood Explosion…
5. There’s Nothing More Natural than the Love Between a Corpse and a Railroad Tie
6. Jeff Demands Blood! (Ode to My Personal Pantheon)
7. Oh, Axe, Our Love Can Never Be (Splits Up Families)
8. I Don’t Remember Being Dead Being Like This
9. We’ve Been Here a While (Hope We Aren’t Paying By the Hour)
10. Excuse me, Sir, May I Borrow Your Face?
11. Check to See if Tastes Like Missus Trevor’s Blood (No, It Does Not)
12. Gonna Build Me a Penguin Outta All These Guts
13. Oh, Shit! I AM the Poet!
14. This is Justice: A Dish Best Served COOOLLLLLLDDDDD!!!!
15. This Our Concept Album: The Concept is the Dragon Not Eating Us
16. We Finally Found a Gullet Worthy of All Our Blood


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