Blood Down the Gullet

Special, Limited Edition Release: Songs You Never Knew You Loved (Because You Didn't)

Packaged with a very special message from Nathaniel Explosion himself:

On this, the five year anniversary of Blood Down the Gullet’s not-very-mysterious disappearance during their Tour of No Return, we the studio would like to cash in by releasing some until-now unreleased works! Titles include:

1. I Saw the (Elder) Sign
2. If You Didn’t Want to be Called an Axe Murderer, You Shouldn’t Have Murdered All Those People With an Axe
3. The Neverending Story (Seriously, Sit Down, This Will Take a While)
4. Wow, This is Actually Pretty Dangerous
5. That Wasn’t Your Fault
6. Well, Actually, It Completely Was
7. He Who Must Not Be Named (Either That or We Forgot His Name)
8. Putting the “Arson” in “Arsenic”
9. They Wouldn’t Call Them ‘Temps’ If They Weren’t Expendable.
10. It Takes a Child to Raze a Village


smashwilson smashwilson

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