Blood Down the Gullet

Tribute Album II: "Victim" Is Such a Harsh Word

1. "The Scenic Tours of Gutter Whore Alley: a.k.a. ‘Muggings’ "
2. “A God Not Particularly About the Afterlife”
3. “I’m Here to Speak to Mister Maintenance”
4. “This Isn’t Our Pipe Organ”
5. “Look, I Don’t Count the Fat Ones”
6. “Mundane Prodding, With a Box of Swirling Lights”
7. “Home: Kind of Shady, Smells Like Urine”
8. “Rusty Cleaver, Rusty Cleaver, Signed Confession, Signed Confession”
9. “The THIRD Torture Dungeon Today”
10. “Mysterious Things That You Should Never Sing”
11. “We Have Shredded a Fancy Fae Poster!”
12. “Don’t Ever Take the Obvious Exit”
13. “This is Exactly What the Buddy System is For”
14. " One out of Three: It’s Too Damn Early for This"
15. “Narratively Convenient Bioluminescent Fungi”
16. "Let’s Sing ‘Lizard Lullaby’ "
17. “You, Ooze, You Lose”


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